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We are an ambitious architectural practice, more in terms of the quality of our projects than in their size.

The quality is in part measurable, such as in practicality, cost/benefit, efficiency physical quality etc but the non-measurable aspects that influence the built environment are also of important to us.

Besides this we also aim for social/public acceptance, setting in the (urban) landscape, creation of pleasant working and/or living environments and in short, all of the subjects that determine whether or not a building is responsive to its users and surroundings.


The following three principals are the basis and in that way the design philosophy of our practice:

– Considerate and responsive to public open space, moreover without loosing sight of or diminishing the autonomy of the assignment.
– Optimalisation of the spatial experience in relation to functional wishes.
– Constant consideration for ecological, economic, organisational choices/decisions throughout the project in respect of the object of the assignment and the effect it has upon its surroundings.

We have an office line up of fully trained staff in order to accomplish our ambitions, to ensure swift progress and to guarantee a complete service to the client throughout the project.


The combination of knowledge, talent and ambition has lead to the situation wherein we are working for public and private clients throughout the Netherlands and beyond.